Guardian Bells legend

Why these little bells on motorcycles?

On many motorcycles, especially on the machines of the American brand Harley-Davidson, there is a small bell hanging on the frame, close to contact with the road. On seeing it, one can only wonder at the reason for such a small decoration that often goes unnoticed. It is not by chance that bikers place these amulets on their motorcycles and it is not a distinctive sign of a gang or sect. If they bring an aesthetic touch to the motorcycles, the ride bells have a history and, for the bikers, they present a real utility. The story is that the biker bells - randomly called Guardian Bells, Spirit Bells or Gremlin Bells - serve as good luck charms for bikers. Belief in their power comes from an Amerindian legend. At the end of this legend, an old biker survives thanks to the sound of these famous bells and the intervention of his biker brothers. Synonymous with protection, this lucky bell is also an expression of the deep and sincere friendship that one feels for a fellow biker. These miniature protectors are, most of the time, engraved or carved. Arranged on the bike’s frame their ultimate goal is to thwart evil spirits that cause road accidents, breakdowns and various malfunctions. In order to optimize the beneficial effects of the « guardian angel » bells, they must be placed close to the ground, generally on the lower engine or hooked to the foot pegs. Moreover, if a rider decides to sell his bike, he should still keep his guardian bell. The bells have only one owner. Once bought or offered, they can not change hands, at the risk of losing their magical power. The world of motorbikes and bikers is governed by a long list of traditions and superstitions. Among these principles, one can quote the solidarity which reigns between the bikers of the entire world and which one notes in this legend. There are also for exemple: the bikers' greetings when they see each other on the road, their « concentrations » that can last a night or a weekend or more and their habit of engaging the conversation with strangers simply because one noticed the other’s bike. This world of the motorcycle also has its beliefs. The evil eye is one of them. In this context, having a lucky charm is essential in order to protect yourself from bad luck and curses that could cause problems. As far as the Gremlins are concerned, they can roam the road or cling to the bike. They instigate accidents: they dig holes and leave objects on the road like nails or pieces of tyres for example. They are also responsible for breakdowns: they discharge the battery, they disrupt the clutch lever, they loosen bolts. In the beliefs of the biker community, guard bells have the power to prevent, or lesser extent limit, the worries that two wheelers might face. These evil spirits are first trapped in the bells before falling on the road. Moreover, these evil beings would not stand their magic sound. As a biker, we also consider that the power of the bells is even stronger if it was offered by a brother biker. In the spiritual sense, bells preserve evil spirits. However, in a more rational and down-to-earth way, if a mechanical problem or an attempted robbery occurred, the ringing of the bells would give the alert. A MARCUSTOM BELL is also like a little gem to offer to her beauty, just because we like to pamper her. Quite simply.